Sunday, October 09, 2005

Out Shopping....and back

Today went out shopping.The list was long and time and space was less.By space I mean to speak about the crowded streets of T.Nagar.This article is specifically meant to address all the people who share the same frustration after shopping there.The greatest truth about shopping in T.Nagar is that u r surrounded by a sea of people who do not know the difference between ground and another person's feet.(get wat iam saying).
First of all I went to one big shopping heaven(hell) a one stop shop(Its called so because once u start shopping there they will draw all ur energy and time).My family shopped there for 4 long hours(it was like eternity for me).After we came out I was happy to find out that I was alive,breathing,and we had finished the shopping too.

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rAKeSH said...

i thought girls loved shopping more than anything but u sound just the opp anyway i definetely dont like to shop in Tnagar. Its really is a hell. I think i'll skip this one for the real hell which is awaiting me ....