Sunday, August 14, 2005

Borrrriiinnng(AN Advanced stage of boredom)

Now that college has started the only nice thing life has to offer is F.R.I.E.N.D.S (ofcourse).College is getting irritating by every second...hmm...well wat makes it feel thus is as follows:

1.Every staff takes class(tats a sin).
2.They donot know wat they r saying(insanity)
3.They ask us questions on the subject.(arrogance)
4.They ask us to write assignments.(I dono wat 2 say abt tis)
5.We have to go to college everyday.(aaaaggggghhhhhh)

Lets see if sometin changes after some days...GOD R U TERE.......


ramya said...

hi appu,
ur view is correct but nowadays we cant sit at home.our heart is still lying there.its bcos we r in the last yr and we enjoy classes by not listening to lectures and also by getting very unethical towards unethical ppl.still few months to go.

rAKeSH said...

Aparna i thing you have hit yourself somewhere on the head. College is not boring that would be an understatement. ya i also agree that apart from friends nothing else is interesting in college of course there are those other girls. Other than that our college doesnt offer us much. But instead of saying the college is boring how about making it a little interesting. I hope u come up with something that would rid us all of boredom in college.